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VISUAL PHENOMENA STUDIO has developed and published a new web site in association with Wix to present a brand new dynamic portfolio of fine art, photography, video production and special projects and clients, including a new dynamic premiere showcase for LIQUIDISLAND.

VISUAL PHENOMENA STUDIO provides multi-aspect management services for LIQUDISLAND and Keith A. Forman, BMI songwriter. All music currently broadcast on the World Wide Web is protected under all applicable copyright and publishing rights and online usage royalties are monitored by CD Baby in association with BMI. LIQUIDISLAND fans are able to purchase LIQUIDISLAND music videos and other short video presentations featuring the words and music of Keith Forman through a secure download system embedded into the new VISUAL PHENOMENA STUDIO online portfolio,

VISUAL PHENOMENA STUDIO is a 1-person multi-media studio and post-production A-V specialty services provider, owned and run by Jeffrey Pergament. That is me - the one who created this web site and everything that you can see on each webpage. I manage LIQUIDISLAND and the songwriting portfolio of Keith A. Forman, BMI songwriter, guitarist and founding bandleader of LIQUIDISLAND. I am a professional multi-media A-V artist and the owner of VISUAL PHENOMENA STUDIO. I graduated from Stockton University in December, 1974 with degrees in animated and documentary film, and developmental psychology. In 1976, I received secondary school teaching certifications for art and special education in New Jersey and then I received elementary and secondary teaching certifications for art and special education in Florida, where I spent the second half of 1976 through Memorial Day Week-End, 1977 in South Miami providing inter-American advertising and promotional services for a variety of clients and produced a series of special co-sponsored and/or co-branded events and projects through my fine art and design services studio office, Jeremy Payne Associates, in Coconut Grove, FL, with my partner, Jon Glafke, who had been a union movie projectionist in Chicago and was the projectionist for the Coral Way Drive-In in Coral Gables, FL. Jon came to Key West, FL between 19090 - 1992 when Alethea and I were residents. He was working with Goldie Hawn with the Criss-Cross film production that was filming throughout Key West. The highlight of his visit, of course, was my daughter getting to meet Ms. Hawn as we both were walking our dogs. My daughter also got to witness a love spat in the corner of the park between Mr. Russell and Ms. Hawn as we walked Passion, my white German Shepherd at another time.

Today, VISUAL PHENOMENA STUDIO in association with Keith Forman and LIQUIDISLAND have provided the perfect production platform from which I can create and produce animated documentary music videos that feature the songs of Keith Forman and the visual and graphic art that I create, and from collaborating with a select group of artists from around the world, that speak to two primary and equal elements: 1. to support GENDER EQUALITY and educate the audience in an entertaining and fascinating way to support gender equality; and 2. to END ABUSE TO ALL WOMEN around the world now and educate the audience in an entertaining and fascinating way to support the end to all abuse to everyone, but starting with all women around the world now.


I want you to help us create and produce these animated documentary music videos that feature the songs of Keith A. Forman, BMI songwriter and performed by his band, LIQUIDISLAND and accompanied by the animated multi-image documentary fine and graphic art images that I previously described.

If you can review my online current biographical information and work examples, then you will know I have a current music video, Body, Mind and Spirit 2016, that does what I described and now is under consideration for a variety of 2017 film festival awards and screenings, including the Chicago Jewish Film Festival, the Chicago Feminist Film Festival, the 3rd. Annual Bentonville Film Festival held in association with the Geena Davis Foundation, the Louisiana Film Festival and the CINEPLAY awards and screenings.

Our current animated documentary music video project for which I am seeking your assistance, technically and/or financially, is the sequel to this 18:29 music video now showing, and includes references to the Obama legacy, the transition that is occurring as I type these words (It is 2:07 PM EST on Friday, January 20, 2017.) and the impact of Julian Assange. Edward Snowden and the anonymous online world that is in play as the world turns along its journey past the 20th. Century and through the 21st. Century.

I established the Patreon online crowd-funding platform to raise the necessary ongoing funds for this type of multi-genre, multi-person multi-media arts production. I now am paying out-of-pocket and doing everything from location shooting to post-production, desktop publishing, marketing, advertising, promotions and fund-raising, as well as managing, marketing, booking and developing a songwriting and music repertoire marketing strategy for Keith Forman, the LIQUIDISLAND band and the actual new CD Album by LIQUIDISLAND that had been released to the public and to the industry this past May, 2016. This new album, GO YOUR WAY, features 14 original songs by Keith and performed by LIQUIDISLAND. The LIQUIDISLAND band is John Carr, vocals; Bernie Owens, drums and back-up vocals; Rit D’Arienzo, bass; Peter Vul, guitar; and Keith Forman, songwriter, guitar, back-up vocals and band leader. The two songs written by Keith that I used in Body, Mind and Spirit 2016 are performed by LIQUIDISLAND with vocals by Gia Warner, Detroit’s popular recording and voice-over artist and daughter of noted Motown musician/performer and her “cool dad” Bobby Lewis.

Friends, patrons, partners and sponsors-to-be, I am one man – 65 years of age and partially paralyzed in my right leg from a 1966 motorcycle-automobile accident in Atlantic City, NJ when I was a varsity swimmer, high school rower and summer lifeguard and my right knee was struck by a moving automobile driven by an elderly woman who made a left turn across two lanes of oncoming traffic on a damp, gray October afternoon. One of those oncoming vehicles at the front of the line of traffic that had initiated its forward progress from the previous block at Michigan and Pacific Aves. in Atlantic City and one block from the Boardwalk after the light had turned to green was the motorcycle I was riding. On impact, I was tossed into the air and flipped over her moving automobile and onto the asphalt road surface of the opposite flow of traffic. The driver who struck me continued through her turn and toward her destination at Boardwalk and Park Place to the Marlboro-Blenheim Hotel, where she was going for her evening ‘liquid” pre-supper before returning t her home to have her supper with her family.


Jeffrey W. Pergament, CEO and President, CREATED ENVIRONMENTS, INC. (CEI)

221 S. OAK AVE., 2B, PRIMOS, PA 19018-2121


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